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Welcome To Principles of Technology at FRMS

As a STEM/STREAM (Science, Technology, Research & Reading, Engineering, Art and Math) District, Franklin Regional offers significant opportunities for students that incorporate these essential topical areas.  Design & Modeling (Grade 6) as well as Principles of Technology (Grades 7,8) reflect such opportunities at the middle school level.  Students are encouraged to address relevant challenges that emphasize the value of the Engineering Design Process (EDP).  This meaningful work usually occurs in collaborative teams, thus modeling how real-world engineers solve problems with fellow engineering minds.  Even though many of our students may never choose to eventually become actual engineers, it is my expectation that the process and skills they develop and enhance will someday compliment their professional career choice!  After all, most of the manufactured items in our physical surroundings have had some degree of engineering influence along the way.  Where would we be as problem-solvers without the productive components of STEM?
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